Philosophers’ Carnival, submissions wanted

The Philosophers’ Carnival is a monthly summary of the best philosophical papers which appeared on the web in the preceding month. It is not hosted by a single site, but rather, by various philosophically-oriented sites. Our blog has been selected to host the Carnival at the beginning of May. Proposals (of either one’s own posts, or other people’s ones) can be submitted here. Given the specific focus of this blog, we would encourage you to submit also non-standard blogposts, i.e.,

  1. blogposts focusing on comparative philosophy, comparative theology or on the methodology of comparatism
  2. blogposts focusing on issues usually neglected in standard Western philosophy
  3. blogposts focusing on less-common issues which are however dear to the authors of this blog (epistemology of testimony, environmental ethics, moral status of non-human beings, Asian philosophy, cross-influences of language and philosophy…)


  • posts about Indian philosophy

The April edition of the Carnival will be published here, around April the 10th. If unfamiliar with the Carnival, glancing at it may help give you a sense of how it functions. You are still on time to submit also for that one!

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My long-term program is to make "Indian Philosophy" part of "Philosophy". You can follow me also on my personal blog:, on Academia, on Amazon, etc.

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