The Word and the World: A Philosophical Inquiry – Summer School, July 2015

Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) in Kerala and Manipal University (MU) are jointly organizing a two-week international Summer School: The Word and the World – A Philosophical Inquiry from July 13-25, 2015.
University students, researchers and faculty members are welcome to join.

Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi, Vice Chancellor of Karnataka Sanskrit University, India and Prof. Ashok Aklujkar, University of British Columbia, Canada will lead the School as Course Directors. Moreover, many eminent scholars will be delivering lectures and guide discussions on different aspects of Indian philosophies.

What is being offered?
– seminars, lectures, workshops and presentations in the area of philosophy of language and metaphysics;
– interactive and intensive discussions with subject experts;
– exposure to different schools of philosophical thought in India;
– a traditional learning atmosphere;
– opportunity to learn Sanskrit and Yoga;
– participation in traditional and cultural events and more!

More information may be found here.
For registration (via online application) follow this link.

11 Replies to “The Word and the World: A Philosophical Inquiry – Summer School, July 2015”

  1. Does anyone have any experience with this seminar? I’m a philosophy BA and would be interested in attending, but they’re asking me for my Driver’s Licence and my Bank account information to confirm my identity. I realize that added security will be required for an international transaction like this, but I’m also a bit concerned about losing $950 and/or my identity.

    • Dear John,

      This summer school is a new initiative, but a year ago the same organisers held a summer school “The Living Philosophies and Cultures of India”. I did not attend the school myself, but I know a participant who was there and a few scholars with whom (independently of the school) I had an opportunity to study Sanskrit philosophical texts and benefited a lot for my research.

      As for your questions related with the data. I checked the form and you are correct, a lot of information is required, but it does not surprise me too much. From my experience, Indian application forms and questionnaires tend to be quite formal and detailed, so personally I would not be too much worried about it.

    • Dear Samer,
      the summer school is intended mainly (but not exclusively) for students, researchers and faculty members from various disciplines. Educational supervisors who are interested in the topic are also welcome.

  2. I attended in 2014 and had a wonderful time! This is a great opportunity for scholars and students studying Sanskrit, philosophy and religion to further their study and to meet others in the field. I would definitely encourage anyone following this blog to apply.

    • There are no new announcements so far. I will inquire if anything is planned and if yes then new post will appear on the blog, hopefully soon.

    • Thank you for your interest. The previous editions took place around June/July. I have got no news about a theme and dates of the forthcoming one yet, will notify you once I know.

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