Recent conference on Yoga at Munich

On behalf of Karl-Stephan Bouthillette, main conference organizer:

On Friday 22 July, LMU (Munich) welcomed Prof. Ujjwala Jha and Prof. V.N. Jha, two well known Indian Nyāya and Mīmāṃsā scholars, to discuss the Yoga Sūtras. It is a rare event to have these two established scholars discuss issues of the Yoga Sutras from their own disciplinary and philosophical perspectives, a dialogical and hermeneutic approach that has never been undertaken so far within a Western academic context, and not even in India, where their previous attempt to do so did not unfold so far.

At a conference day on Saturday the 23rd, general issues on Yoga were broadly discussed by 7 speakers coming from various fields of Indological and Religious Studies research. On the 25th, they began an intensive week-long reading of the Yoga Sūtras with the Jhas: interpreting the Yoga Sūtras through a traditional style of Sanskrit commentary following the lines of Nyāya and Mīmāṃsā exegesis.

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