Philosophy of action

In case you missed it, I would like to recommend a website on philosophy of action which is a great single go-to page for almost anything related to the topic. It offers links, biographies, encyclopedic entries, essays, videos and learning materials on various facets of philosophy of action. It has also a section on job vacancies and one with short interviews with scholars working on philosophy of action. It is learned and enjoyable and the same time, a great achievement.

Credits: The website was founded by Andrei Buckareff and Constantine Sandis. I do not know Buckareff, but Sandis is not only an acute scholar with broad interests, but also a great organiser, as the website shows. It is now edited by István Zárdai. Based on my interactions with him, I can only add my kudos for his work!

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  1. Action is what distingushes living from non living. Action of living being is prompted by desire. A living being can never be without action. A subdivision of action is activity, where action is focused.
    Madhva’ s school mentions that though action may be focused, result is never in the purview of living being. Realising this
    the living being or liver starts focusing on
    the cause behind all actions, namely, God

  2. hi,
    what do you think about the existence of inner and outer world ? does the outer world worthy or have any purpose ?

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