Congratulations to Elisa Freschi and Jonardon Ganeri!

Elisa Freschi and Jonardon Ganeri have both accepted full-time positions at the University of Toronto, with Jonardon becoming the Bimal Matilal Distinguished Professor of Philosophy.  This is wonderful news for Indian philosophy in North America!

From Leiter’s Blog:

The University of Toronto has appointed two leading scholars of Indian philosophy, one senior and one junior. Jonardon Ganeri, currently Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi, will become the Bimal Matilal Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Toronto, effective July 2020. Elisa Freschi, currently a part-time Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Vienna, will become Assistant Professor of Philosophy, effective February, 2020. Toronto will now be the destination of choice for Anglophone students interested in Indian philosophy.


Again, congratulations to Elisa and Jonardon!

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  1. This is fantastic news. Blog readers may also be interested to know that the Philosophy Department at the University of British Columbia also made a hire this year in Indian philosophy: Catherine Prueitt joins our department on July 1.

  2. Many thanks to Matthew for the post and to all of you! I look forward for more chances to interact with the ones among the authors and readers of the blog who live in North America.

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