Multicultural Syllabus Makeover Competition at the APA 2020

Syllabus Makeover Competition

Would you like concrete advice for including multicultural content in a course you teach? If so, please consider sending us: 1) the current reading list for one of your philosophy courses, and 2) general or specific guidelines about the kinds of changes that interest you.

Of the syllabi submitted, we’ll select two for the competition to be held as part of the Teaching Hub in the main program of the 2020 Pacific APA.

Ahead of the competition, three specialists (panel contestants) in cross-cultural philosophy and in the relevant field(s) of philosophy that the syllabus falls under will separately revise your syllabus by adding a greater diversity of readings to meet your guidelines and provide a list of relevant background material.

You and the three contestants will then meet at the APA Pacific, where each contestant will give a brief presentation, explaining and justifying the proposed revisions. After the three presentations, you will select the winner and explain why that contestant’s revision best suits the needs of your course.

Submissions: A syllabus in any area of philosophy prepared for anonymous review should be sent to Brian Bruya, at with the subject line, “TH Submission: Syllabus Makeover.” In the body of the email, please include your name, institutional affiliation (if any), position (if any), and contact information. Attach to the email a syllabus meeting these criteria: Clear and concise list of readings; a course that would likely appeal to a general audience of philosophers (i.e., not too narrow in scope); clarity and feasibility of guidelines for suggested changes.

Deadline for Submissions: September 3, 2019. Extended to September 10!

Selection of Syllabi: late September 2019

By submitting a syllabus, you commit to participating in our panel at the APA Pacific Division Meeting (April 8–12, 2020) should your syllabus be selected.

Questions about this session should be directed to Brian Bruya at the address above. A stable version of the call will live on the CTP page of the APA website, where you can find additional information about other Teaching Hub calls, the CTP’s Facebook page, and our committee’s activities.

The AAPT-APA Teaching Hub is a series of interactive workshops and conversations designed specifically for philosophers and created to celebrate teaching within the context of the APA divisional meetings. Jointly organized by the APA Committee on the Teaching of Philosophy (CTP) and the American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT), the Teaching Hub aims to offer a range of high-quality and inclusive development opportunities that address the teaching of philosophy at all levels, pre-college through graduate school.

For general information about the AAPT-APA Teaching Hub, please check out the AAPT website and Facebook page and the CTP website and Facebook page. For more specific information about the Teaching Hub at the 2020 Pacific APA meeting in San Francisco, California, please contact Renée Smith at

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