Associate Professor in Non-Canonical philosophy

The department of philosophy of the York University in Toronto, Canada, opened a position for Associate Professor whose AOS include Asian Philosophy. The deadline for applying is November the 1st and the position starts in the academic year 2020–2021. You can read all the details on Philjobs, here.

(Many thanks to Jack Beaulieu for the pointer)

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4 Replies to “Associate Professor in Non-Canonical philosophy”

  1. Hi Carl, yes, I was also surprised by this choice. However, literally speaking they are right, aren’t they? Anglophone and European philosophy make the mainstream canon and Africana philosophy is excluded from it, just like several others. You might have noticed that “Continental Philosophy” also belongs to the list (!).

    • Yes. What I took from the listing is that you can’t expect colleagues who know or respect anything outside of the Anglo-Analytic tradition. Maybe it’s better to have that acknowledged upfront than to realize it after you start working. A job is a job, so no shade on whoever ends up taking the position, but it’s a bit disappointing to see philosophy becoming even more provincial as the post-2008 contraction grinds along.

      • It seems that the term “Non-Canonical” is becoming standard, see here:

        As for the colleagues at York, I am not sure. I am inclined to think that the title of the ad might have been chosen just by the University’s administration, perhaps as a way to open a chair while not being sure about whom they really wanted… Optimistically, it might be that one’s future colleagues are just philosophers and just interested in thinking, which, by definition, cannot be held within canons, unless through questions.

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