Call for Guest Posts

The administrators and editors of the Indian Philosophy Blog (Amod, Elisa, Ethan, and Matthew) have been considering ways that we can widen the pool of contributors while maintaining the quality of our current contributions. To this end, we are here issuing a standing call for guest posts. We would like to invite contributions consisting in academic investigations into Indian philosophy that meet the standard set already by existing blog posts. We hope that this is a way that scholars may share their work or interests with the wider community and that the blog may continue to foster collegiality between the members of our field.
In particular, we welcome:

  1. guest posts by graduate students presenting their research,
  2. guest posts by PhD holders or PhD students presenting a paper (by them or by other people) which has recently been published on a peer review journal (or book) or accepted for a conference,
  3. guest posts by PhD holders or PhD students surveying the literature on a given topic.

If you are interested, proposals may be send to any of the admins noted above. Please include a CV or link to your academic webpage. If the admins agree that the proposal fits our content guidelines, it will be published.

If you would like to know more about the possibility of posting, please write any of our moderators noted above, and we can explain the process.

Some examples of guest posts that we have posted may be found here, here, and here.

Besides this, we are always looking for quality book reviews to post on the blog. Examples of book-reviews can be found here. Please see our book review page for more information on review submissions.

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