Trans* inclusiveness as an innovation to Buddhism

On his American Buddhist Perspective blog, my friend Justin Whitaker recently posted an interesting interview on the experience of trans* people in American Buddhism. Justin uses “trans*” as a shorthand for “transgender”, “transsexual”, “transvestite” and similar terms – to denote Continue reading

163rd Philosophers’ Carnival

We are very happy to be hosting the Philosophers’ Carnival here for the first time and hope that readers will not feel too much baffled by the Indian philosophy milieu. Here is our selection of this month’s philosophical blogs: Epistemology Continue reading

Economic structures and philosophic superstructures: On Scott 2013 and Eltschinger 2013

How was Capitalism born? And, more in general, 1. does the economic structure determine its superstructure (including philosophy or religion), as in Marx; 2. does a certain philosophy, religion, etc. determine a certain economic result, as in Weber; or 3. Continue reading