Learning from Gārgī’s Silence

“Thereupon, Gārgī Vācaknavī fell silent.” (Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad 3.6) I’m currently teaching a class called “Ancient Women Philosophers: India and Greece,” which is interesting for many reasons. I’ll get to some of those reasons in another post. In this post I want Continue reading

Comparative Philosophy 10.2, featuring a symposium on Ethan Mills’ Three Pillars of Skepticism

Please see the link below for the latest issue of Comparative Philosophy, with an excellent symposium discussion on Ethan Mills’ latest work on skepticism in India. https://scholarworks.sjsu.edu/comparativephilosophy/ Happily, the journal is open access. Thanks to Ayon Maharaj for the tip. Continue reading