Internet resources for Indian Philosophy

What are good internet resources for research in Indian philosophy? Here are a few that come to my mind.

The GRETIL project of electronic Sanskrit texts:

The Monier Williams Dictionary online:

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, whose Indian Philosophy section is edited by our own Shyam Ranganathan:

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, whose Indian and Tibetan section is slowly being built up, edited by Jan Westerhoff, Jay Garfield, and Jonardon Ganeri:

Karl Potter’s bibliography–updated regularly–to the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies:

Any others?


About Matthew Dasti

Matthew R. Dasti is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bridgewater State University.

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  1. I would add:
    —Richard Mahoney’s Indica et Buddhica, with dictionaries, tables, searches within Buddhist texts and the like:
    —Dominik Wujastyk and Patrick McAllister’s SARIT, with searches within texts:
    —Birgit Kellner’s et al. Digital Corpus of Sanskrit texts, with similar purposes:
    —TITUS: an advanced Gretil, especially useful for the ancient period of Indian philosophy:
    —the Digital Library of India:

    Further dictionaries:
    —Pāli (Pāli text society):
    —Tibetan/English/Sanskrit (Sarat Chandra Das) and Buddhist Sanskrit (Edgerton):

    I am leaving out sites I do not use and about which I cannot give any feedback, but I would be glad to read your views about these and other sites.

  2. Patrick, thanks for these resources. I just found your law blog via your link above and it looks like a marvelous resource in its own right. Your post on Buddhist violence is excellent, exactly the kind of thing that non-specialists should see.

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