New Issue of Philosophy East and West

Issue 64.1 (January 2014) of PEW is out.

Articles of special interest to our readers include:

“Incommensurability of Two Conceptions of Reality: Dependent Origination and Emptiness in Nāgārjuna’s MMK” by Tao Jiang

“Śrī Harṣa contra Hegel: Monism, Skeptical Method, and the Limits of Reason”, by Ayon Maharaj

“Between Nihilism and Anti-Essentialism: A Conceptualist Interpretation of Nāgārjuna”, by John Spackman

“The Moral Standing of Animals and Plants in the Manusmṛti”, by our own Chris Framarin

Also note a review of Hindu and Buddhist Ideas in Dialogue: Self and no Self (eds. Kuznetsova, Ganeri, and Ram-Prasad), by Stephen Phillips



About Matthew Dasti

Matthew R. Dasti is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bridgewater State University.

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