The 160th Philosophers’ Carnival

In case you never checked it, the Philosophers’ Carnival is a review of the best philosophical blog posts of each month and it is hosted each month on a different blog.
The February one is a very interesting Carnival, which lists posts I either knew and liked or discovered through it and liked even more. I am very grateful for being mentioned (not because of my personal blog, though, but because of this post on Free Will in heaven) although I did not even submit my post. Even more interesting is the mention of Matthew Dasti’s post on “Indian Philosophy in One Paragraph”. Thanks Kenny Pearce!

You can submit blog posts for the next Philosophers’ Carnival here (be sure you submit also posts about non-mainstream philosophy, be it Indian or whatever else).

In this connection: I am thinking of proposing our blog as the host of a future Carnival. It will sound strange, given that almost all Carnivals neglect non-Western Philosophy, but it might be an interesting chance for creating spaces for dialogue (or at least fissures in the wall of neglect).

What do you think?

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My long-term program is to make "Indian Philosophy" part of "Philosophy". You can follow me also on my personal blog:, on Academia, on Amazon, etc.

4 Replies to “The 160th Philosophers’ Carnival”

  1. It sounds like a great idea to me, personally. I think just getting other philosophers to think about the fact that there is philosophy India would be very valuable.

    How is it decided which submitted posts go up on the Carnival? Do the hosts decide that or is it more centralized?

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