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Dear Fellow Scholars of Indian Philosophy

I would like to draw your attention to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP). The IEP is a peer-reviewed online publication.  I am the editor for its Indian Philosophy content. Many of the contributors to this blog have contributed articles to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Some examples include Doug Berger’s article on Nāgārjuna, Andrew Nicholson’s article on Bhedābheda , Amod Lele’s article on Śāntideva, and Matthew Dasti’s article on Nyāya.

If you are a scholar of Indian philosophy (ABD or with a PhD in philosophy or some related discipline) please consider contributing to the IEP.  It is a great place to publish on the aspect of Indian philosophy that is your expertise.   The IEP gets 500,000 hits a month.  Your work will be read!

Any topic in Indian philosophy that we have no article on is fair game.  We have a few restrictions. These include: (a) authors must be proficient in writing in English at a scholarly level, and (b) contributors must have an advanced degree in Philosophy or related disciplines or be ABD in such disciplines.

For a description of its scholarly standards, please see:

For a list of Indian philosophy articles online now, please see:




Shyam Ranganathan

Department of Philosophy
Department of Social Sciences, South Asian Studies
York University, Toronto


About Shyam Ranganathan

Shyam Ranganathan is a philosopher in the Department of Philosophy in York University, Toronto. His research interests cover ethics/political philosophy, the philosophy of thought, philosophy of language, and South Asian philosophy.

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