Hindu-Christian studies prize

Every two years, the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies grants an award for the “Best Book in Hindu-Christian Studies.” The awards alternate between two categories (Theology/Philosophy and History/ Ethnography),

and cover a four year period of publication. Books nominated for the prize must be published between July 1st in the first year and July 1st in the last year of the cycle. The award carries a $500 honorarium.

Nominations are now being accepted for the Best Book in Hindu-Christian Studies—Theology/Philosophy (2011-2015). Please send nominations to Michelle Voss Roberts (robertmv@wfu.edu), Wake Forest University, chair of the Book Award Committee.

At the society’s annual meeting in November 2015, the Book Award Committee will announce a shortlist of books under consideration for the award. In February 2016, the committee will announce the winner, and the award will be presented at the 2016 annual meeting. To celebrate this award winner, the society will also sponsor a panel discussion of the book, to which the author will be invited to respond.

Please consider bringing a deserving book to the Society’s attention by nominating it for this prize.

(Thanks to Ram-Prasad for the pointer.)

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