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I am happy to announce that I will be serving as the Book Review Editor for the Indian Philosophy Blog.  I’d like to invite everyone to check out our new Book Review Guidelines.

The distinctive thing about book reviews on our blog, as opposed to reviews in traditional journals, is that we will invite authors of the books being reviewed to read the review and everyone (authors, reviewers, members of the blog community, and guests) will be encouraged to take part in discussions concerning the books under review.

So if you are reading a book about Indian philosophy, why not write a small review that might generate a discussion with interesting people?  It doesn’t have to be long (we’re aiming for 500-700 words, but it could be shorter or longer as needed), and it need not be in-depth (although it should include something beyond a mere summary of the chapters of the book).

If you are interested, please see the Book Review Guidelines.

6 Replies to “Book reviews for the Indian Philosophy Blog”

  1. Hi Ethan
    This is a welcome effort …Kindly let me know , whether it is possible to get Bengali Book reviewed here ? I have started writing a Book in Bengali which is a kind of account of following the trail of fractured knowledge dynamics in Bengal during the last 600/700 years or so following the decline of Buddhism during the fag end of 12th Century . I could have written this in English , but , so far I know , there is no such Book in Bengali about the pre-colonial Knowledge Dynamics ; and I would like to address the audience beyond my fellow specialists .only . Jonardon Ganeri’s ‘The Lost Age of Reason ‘ is a wonderful account of almost the same time , but focused within a comparatively small time interval .However , to follow the the migration of Knowledge / Knowledge-Belief interplay over a huge canvas of time extended from declining Nalanda to pre-colonial Bengal is a terrific journey ! And presently I am in Mithila ( in North Bihar , where a significant bulk of Indian Philosophy was developed – incredibly undisrupted during the last 3000 years or so before colonial period ) to collect extant data from the surviving Maithil Scholars . So it will take some time to get the Book ready . But it would be great if there is a possibility of review and get it discussed .

    • Hello Debajyoti, thank you for your interest. When the book is complete, please feel free to contact me. I can ask if anyone who reads Bengali is interested in reviewing it. It sounds like it will be a fascinating book, and I’m sure people on the blog would like to read about it. Good luck with the research and writing!

      • Thanks a lot Ethan ! I will surely get in touch with you after the Book is finished. You can get some update of Events related to the progress of the Book ( accounts of visiting places of interest in search of different forms of ‘social residue’ of Knowledge !) in our website that I will soon launch .

      • Sure ! I am also looking forward to this kind of Book .. But , unfortunately , so far I know , there is no such Book written in Bengali except one ‘Bonge Navyanyaer Charcha’ ( Study of Navyanyasya in Bengal ) by Pundit Dinesh Sastri nearly 70 years back .

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