Philosophy East and West, Volume 65, Issue 2

The latest issue of Philosophy East and West is out. The website isn’t updated yet, but the hardcopy is in hand. It’s nice to see some of our Blog members amongst the contributors.  Ethan Mills has an article “Jayarāśi’s Delightful Destruction of Epistemology.” Andrew Ollett has a review of Elisa Freschi’s Duty, Language and Exegesis in Prābhākara Mīmāṃsā and Doug Berger has a review of Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad’s Divine Self, Human Self.

For the full contents, check this link in a few days (hopefully):

The previous issue (65.1) also featured papers by our own Christian Coseru and Stephen Harris. Full contents linked here:


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Matthew R. Dasti is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bridgewater State University.

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