The World Sanskrit Conference is approaching…

This week on Sunday will start the next World Sanskrit Conference. Among the contributors and regular commenters of this blog, several are going to be there, such as Jason Birch, Daniele Cuneo, Evgeniya Desnitskaya, Camillo Formigatti, Andrew Ollett, Agnieszka Rostalska and myself and I am sure that I am missing someone as well as that there will be many further readers who will be there. In this sense, it might be fun to have lunch or dinner together at a certain point and chat in person aobut the things we usually only discuss online.

Tuesday night, perhaps, when there is no cultural event planned but the hectic schedule is not yet at its peak and one does not think one has only one night left to have dinner with everyone? If you agree, we might want to meet after the last talk, around 6 pm, in the conference hotel’s hall. Nothing formal, just chatting with old and new friends (partners, colleagues, children, pets, etc. are always welcome).

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