Humble reminder–Please send me syllabi

I’m re-posting a request from an earlier thread here.

Here’s what I’d like you all to do. Please send me PDFs of syllabi that you have for courses on Indian Philosophy. Feel free to send prototypes for courses you haven’t yet taught, or links to others’ online syllabi you think worthy of inclusion. Send to mdasti (AT) bridgew (DOT) edu. I will then create a new section on the resources page with a list of syllabi for perusal.

If I may harness the power of shame for just one second: Only Ethan Mills has sent me anything so far!!! If you are uncomfortable about having distinguishing information on the syllabi, just scrub it or ask me to, and I will do so. Err on the side of inclusion, if you aren’t sure whether the course fits. People are interested in including India within broader world philosophy or Asian philosophy classes, in any case, and such syllabi may help. Also feel free include more specialized classes on schools, sub-schools, or issues. If they are too specific, I will let you know.

Many, many thanks in advance!


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Matthew R. Dasti is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bridgewater State University.

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