New MA program: History of Philosophies, East and West

I am happy to announce the inauguration of a new MA program beginning in the fall of 2016: “History of Philosophies, East and West.” It is a joint graduate program offered by the Department of Philosophy and Department of Asian & Asian American Studies at Stony Brook University in New York.

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For more information, you may contact me (andrew.nicholson[at] or the program director, Jeff Edwards (jeff.edwards[at]


History of Philosophies, East and West

This interdisciplinary joint MA program brings together expert faculty in the history of philosophy in two of Stony Brook University’s departments: Asian & Asian American Studies and Philosophy. It enables students to broaden their knowledge of philosophy by treating it as a world-wide, rather than an exclusively western, undertaking. The program provides Humanities students with philosophically informed and historically grounded perspectives on what is arguably the principal cultural encounter of our time.


Coursework focuses on key aspects of the following philosophical traditions: Buddhist, Confucian, Hindu, Islamic, ancient Greek and Roman, Christian medieval, and modern European. Teaching is based on primary texts in English translation, with selective use of secondary sources. Special emphasis is placed on understanding native terms and concepts from the original languages of works studied. The historical texts that you will study belong to these areas of inquiry: ethics, metaphysics, theories of knowledge, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, philosophical anthropology, and philosophical theology.

Program Requirements

This 30-credits MA degree can be earned in one year. But it is recommended that full-time students complete the HPEW program as follows: Year one: 24 credits (four 3-credit courses per semester) Year two: 6 credits (two 3-credit in the semester of full-time enrollment) It is also possible to enroll in HPEW on a part-time basis (i.e., by taking fewer than 12 credit hours per semester)

Founding Faculty

William Chittick
Professor, Asian and Asian American Studies
Pre-modern Islamic intellectual history

Allegra de Laurentiis
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Nineteenth century and ancient Greek philosophy

Jeffrey Edwards
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Kant, history of modern philosophy

Sachiko Murata
Professor, Asian and Asian American Studies
Islamic and far Eastern thought

Andrew J. Nicholson
Associate Professor, Asian and Asian American Studies
Indian philosophy and intellectual history

About Andrew Nicholson

I am an Associate Professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the author of two books, Unifying Hinduism: Philosophy and Identity in Intellectual History and Lord Śiva's Song: The Īśvara Gītā.

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