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Our very own Anand Vaidya has two recent blog posts on the new Blog of the American Philosophical Association.  The first post, “The Inclusion Problem in the Philosophy of Mind: The Case of Dualism,” looks at ways to include non-Western philosophy (specifically Dharmakīrti and Ibn Sina) in a philosophy of mind course.  The second, “The Inclusion Problem in the Philosophy of Mind: Questions and Response,” addresses a number of typical worries about cross-cultural inclusion in philosophy courses.

Even if you don’t teach philosophy of mind courses, you might find Anand’s posts insightful and worth sharing with colleagues.  I also imagine many of us will be glad to see Indian philosophy featured so prominently on the official blog of a major philosophy organization like the APA.  Thanks, Anand!

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  1. thank you for taking care of it, Ethan. I also find Anand’s arguments insightful and interesting and will certainly think of them when I am next asked about my syllabus! And I agree about the fact that it is nice that the problem of inclusion is dealt with from the point of view of Indian philosophy.

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