2016 East-West Philosopher’s Conference

In a few days, the 2016 East-West Philosopher’s Conference will begin in Honolulu, Hawaii. The theme is “place”, but the range of interpretations of the theme varies from literal to metaphorical. I’ll be chairing a panel which takes “place” in a more abstract manner. The speakers include our own Ethan Mills, along with Marzenna Jakubczak and Amy Donahue:

The Place of Logic in Classical Indian Philosophy
Ethan MILLS (University of Tennessee Chattanooga)

Locating the Self: Between Memory, Attention and Discrimination
Marzenna JAKUBCZAK (Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland)

Putting Words in their Place: Elliptical Completion through Postulation
Malcolm KEATING (Yale-NUS College, Singapore)

Places of Knowing in Nyāya and Buddhist Philosophy: What ‘Philosophy’ Cannot Mean If It is Global
Amy DONAHUE (Kennesaw State University)

Other Indian Philosophy Blog contributors at the conference include (full program here):

Where Should Words Be Placed? Three Kinds of Upādāya Prajñāpti in Early Buddhist Thought, Douglas L. BERGER (Southern Illinois University)

An Unheeded Locus of the Aesthetic Experience (rasa): The Performer, Daniele CUNEO (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

Saṃsāra is Nirvāṇa: Locating the Kleśas in Buddhist Cosmic Psychology, Stephen HARRIS (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

How Can Disability Studies Help Global Philosophy Think about Place and Space: Lessons from the Work of Dr. Victor Pineda, Anand Jayprakash VAIDYA (San Jose State University) and Victor PINEDA (UC, Berkeley)

Plenty of other good philosophy will be going on–too many talks to list here. I’ll aim to put up a conference summary here after, and a thread for people to add their thoughts. In the meantime, I put up a small anticipatory blog post on my personal blog regarding my talk, focusing on ellipsis, postulation, and the Tantrarahasya.

About Malcolm Keating

Malcolm Keating is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Humanities Division at Yale-NUS College, Singapore.

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