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Dear all,

I am the Indian Ethics editor for PhilPapers. PhilPapers is the online database of publications in philosophy. It is a crowd-source effort: individual scholars are expected to and invited to contribute bibliographical information for their own publications, and once contributed they are reviewed by a subject editor.

I am writing to ask any and all of you who have written on Indian Ethics—Indic systems of values or norms and their Indian reasons / justifications—to submit bibliographical information about your relevant publications, if you have not already done so. I will periodically review the references to ensure that they are within the purview of the category. As long as the material is relevant to Indian moral (dharma) theory, they should be included.

To include your publications, please click the “submit material” link at the top of the PhilPapers page, and login or create an account first.

PhilPapers is a great resource. While institutions are expected to pay and subscribe, it is free to use for the average internet surfer, from their home or in public.  PhilPaper entries show up on Google searches for your name, and hence it is a useful way to get your work publicized.   If you are unsure about the kind of material that is relevant, you can drop me a query.

Thanks, and best wishes,


Shyam Ranganathan


Department of Philosophy

York University, Toronto 

The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Ethics

Patañjali`s Yoga Sūtras (Translation, Edition and Commentary)

Translating Evaluative Discourse: The Semantics of Thick and Thin Concepts

Full List, Publications

About Shyam Ranganathan

Shyam Ranganathan is a philosopher in the Department of Philosophy in York University, Toronto. His research interests cover ethics/political philosophy, the philosophy of thought, philosophy of language, and South Asian philosophy.

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