Global Philosophy Resources: call for contributions

Global Philosophy Resources,, provides easy-to-use resources for faculty members who are interested in diversifying their teaching but who lack training in nonwestern philosophy. It is looking for contributors.

Guidelines: Each entry should introduce a nonwestern text that would be suitable for inclusion in a lower-level undergraduate class.  It should provide an approximately 100-word description of the text, a brief annotated bibliography, a brief list of available translations, and a few selections for texts to pair it with.  For examples, see the site.  They are including entries for full texts like the Gītā as well as for selections from texts or specific topics like no-self in Questions of King Milinda.

Entries are kept very short. This site aims to connect users with relevant primary and secondary material; it is not a substitute for such materials or a substantial addition to them.

To submit a proposal, please use this link or select “Contribute” on the web page. If you have questions, please contact Sonia Sikka (University of Ottawa) or Anna Lannstrom (Stonehill College).

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