Postdoctoral Fellowship at Wolfson College, Oxford 2017-9

I’ve been informed that there is a remarkable fellowship for a specialist in Indian and Comparative Philosophy at Wolfson College, Oxford, at the Berggruen Institute for Philosophy and Culture. The application deadline in April 17, 2017. See below for details.

Wolfson College, a postgraduate college of the University of Oxford, proposes to appoint a stipendiary Research Fellow in Comparative Philosophy.

Wolfson College is a postgraduate college of the University of Oxford, with members from over 80 nationalities. The Berggruen Institute has created a Philosophy and Culture Centre involving comparative and interdisciplinary study of philosophy and culture with a particular focus on Eastern and Western traditions. At Wolfson it must draw on Indian Philosophy, including Hindu, Buddhist, Jaina, or Muslim Philosophy. It provides Fellowships, one already at Wolfson, intended to facilitate insights to inform and influence dialogue on matters of contemporary importance by drawing on Eastern and Western philosophical traditions. The College’s first Berggruen Research Fellow joined us in October 2016 and we now propose to appoint a second Research Fellow.

The Berggruen Research Fellow at Wolfson must be an innovative thinker engaged in work in Wolfson across cultures and disciplines. They should be working in one of the areas designated in the Berggruen Institute’s description of its Fellowship Theme.

Current Research Theme: Great Transformations
Please see the Further Particulars for details of the Great Transformations theme. In brief summary, for 2017-18, projects are sought especially on:

  1. The ways artificial intelligence, bioengineering and other technologies can potentially transform society and human life itself.
  2. Crises of legitimacy in politics and social institutions.
  3. Transformation of capitalism and geopolitics.
  4. Cultural innovation and attempts to resist it.

Main tasks of the post:
• Fellows will pursue individual and collaborative projects that can advance Berggruen’s Great Transformations agenda.
• They will have time for their personal work, but also opportunities to form collegial relations at their host institutions and with other Berggruen Fellows.
• Fellows will be encouraged to publish work based on their own research in book or article form (or where appropriate in other media).
• They will also be asked to write occasionally for broader readership (and/or to appear in video interviews or podcasts).
• All Berggruen Fellows globally will come together for a conference in late 2017.

Qualifications and experience required:
• Must be an innovative thinker.
• Must hold a doctorate in philosophy and have sufficient postdoctoral experience for substantial research on the project.
• Must be engaged in work across cultures and disciplines.
• Must have the languages and the philosophy needed for their subject.

The Fellowship will be for two years, to commence on 1 October 2017. The person elected will be based in Oxford and will carry out research and publish in the above field (and others if desired).

The annual stipend will be £33,000, plus any general percentage increase in salaries that may come into effect. These Fellowships carry Common Table rights (currently up to £43 a week for own meals in Hall). Fellows are entitled to apply for College accommodation at the College rates.
The full job description and selection criteria should be consulted before submitting an application.

About Andrew Nicholson

I am an Associate Professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the author of two books, Unifying Hinduism: Philosophy and Identity in Intellectual History and Lord Śiva's Song: The Īśvara Gītā.

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