Upcoming talks on Buddhism in Utah April 21-22

Our own Amod Lele will be giving a talk at a conference organized by Pierre-Julien Harter at the University of Utah, on April 21-22. The other philosophers there, and their talks may also be of interest to readers of this blog:

  • Laura Guerrero: “Buddhist Fictionalism Reconsidered”
  • Amod Lele: “Disengaged Buddhism: Why South Asian Buddhists Rejected Engagement with Systemic Institutions”
  • Charles Goodman: “Two-Level Consequentialism, Śāntideva’s Ethics, and the Justification of Punishment”
  • Dale Wright: “Buddhist Atheism as a Challenge to the Philosophy of Religion”
  • William Edelglass: “Nature and Buddha-Nature: Poetry, Place, and the Transmission of Buddhism”
  • Pierce Salguero: “Beyond Mindfulness: Buddhism and Health in Historical Perspective”
  • John Dunne: “Phenomenological Reduction as Therapeutic Technique: The Buddhist Theory and Practice of Dereification”

About Malcolm Keating

Malcolm Keating is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Humanities Division at Yale-NUS College, Singapore.

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