New Resource: The Deviant Philosopher

There’s a new resource for philosophy teachers called The Deviant Philosopher.  The site is developed by a team from the University of Oklahoma, which includes Amy Olberding, Wayne Riggs, Kelly Epley, and Seth Robertson.  From the site:

The Deviant Philosopher is a teaching resource created by a group of scholars who believe that there is value in deviating from the traditional Anglo-American philosophical canon. Both we and our students benefit from thinking about diverse philosophical traditions and perspectives, and there are many non-canonical philosophical ideas that are rich with philosophical interest and can enhance our understanding of a variety of philosophical issues and topics.

This is a great resource for blog readers looking to branch out from Indian philosophy or looking for ideas for ways to incorporate Indian philosophy into general topics courses.

I would also recommend that blog readers with experience teaching Indian philosophy think about submitting a lesson, primer, or exercise to the site.  Read the Submission Guidelines here.

I submitted a unit on theism and atheism in classical Indian philosophy that would be suitable for inclusion in a general philosophy of religion course.  In fact, I have included just such a unit in my philosophy of religion course with great success.

I can report that the writing and submission process went smoothly for me, so I wholeheartedly recommend submitting something.

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