Arindam Chakrabarti to SUNY Stony Brook

From Andrew Nicholson:

I have some exciting news to report: Arindam Chakrabarti of U Hawaii has accepted a position at Stony Brook as the inaugural Nirmal and Augustina Mattoo Chair of Classical Indic Humanities. His principal appointment will be in the Philosophy Department, with an affiliate appointment in the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies. He will begin teaching here in the fall semester of 2018.

I hope that his arrival here will make Stony Brook’s Ph.D. program in philosophy a destination for students interested in studying not only continental European traditions, but also ancient and modern Indian philosophies.
Below is a link to the ad announcing his hire from the Sep. 1 edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

About Matthew Dasti

Matthew R. Dasti is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bridgewater State University.

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  1. Thanks everyone. Please do let undergraduate students interested in Indian and comparative philosophy know that we are accepting applications for Stony Brook University’s History of Philosophies East and West MA program:

    Prof. Chakrabarti will be teaching courses for the program when he arrives here in fall 2018. Students who would like more information may contact me by e-mail: andrew [dot] nicholson [at] stonybrook [dot] edu

    We are, of course, very happy to receive MA admissions applications from students from outside of the United States.

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