Two interesting works on global philosophy to keep our eyes on

What makes a philosopher great? Edited by Stephen Hetherington. While this has far more western thinkers than non-Western on the list, it does have an essay by Jonardon Ganeri on Buddhaghoṣa.

Epistemology for the rest of the world. Edited by Stephen Stich, Masaharu Mizumoto, and Eric McCready. While it has an X-phil flavor, this text leads with Jonardon’s essay  “Epistemology from a Sanskritic Point of View”.  (Related: see this post on gettier intuitions across cultures, this post on cultural diversity in philosophy, and this post for reflections here that scholarly engagement with Indian philosophers may speak better to philosophical questions than folk investigations of contemporary Indian nationals.)



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Matthew R. Dasti is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bridgewater State University.

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