Indian Philosophy Lecture Series Videos Now Online

I am very pleased to announce that all five of the lectures from this year in Princeton’s “New Directions in Indian and Comparative Philosophy” series are now online. Please feel free to share the link to the series webpage:

You can also click the links below to go directly to the individual lectures.

Ana Funes Maderey, “The Unbearability of the Male Gaze: Metaphors for Consciousness and Body in Classical Sāṃkhya,” with response from Michael J. Thate

Parimal Patil, “The Impossibility of Freedom in Pre-modern India,” with response from Andrew Chignell

Isabelle Ratié, “A World Beyond Consciousness? On the Indian Controversy over the Existence of External Objects,” with response from Jonathan C. Gold

Arindam Chakrabarti, “How Can Humans Learn from Normative Narratives about Non-Humans? Friendships, Fables, and Foibles in the Mahabharata,” with response from Gabriel Citron

Ayon Maharaj, “Infinite Paths to Infinite Reality: Sri Ramakrishna’s Vijnana-based Doctrine of the Harmony of All Religions,” with response from Vineet Chander

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I am an Associate Professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the author of two books, Unifying Hinduism: Philosophy and Identity in Intellectual History and Lord Śiva's Song: The Īśvara Gītā.

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