Endowed Chair in Philosophy, Yale-NUS College

Yale-NUS College is hiring for an Endowed Chair in Philosophy, the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Professorship. The AOS is broadly “non-Western philosophy,” specified as Arabic and Islamic Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, and Philosophy of Religion. In terms of AOC, these are the same, and the ad states that “Candidates should have demonstrated excellence in research and teaching, with teaching strength in an area of non-Western philosophy such as Chinese, Indian, or Arabic/Islamic philosophy.”

Yale-NUS College is an autonomous, residential, liberal arts college within the National University of Singapore, founded by Yale University and NUS, and more information about the institution and job posting can be found at the links above.

About Malcolm Keating

Malcolm Keating is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Humanities Division at Yale-NUS College, Singapore.

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