Night school in Indian philosophy

If you know anyone who’s looking for an introduction to Indian philosophy, David Nowakowski of the Merlin philosophy community is starting a series of Zoom-based classes tonight, and over coming Wednesdays. Classes are at 6:15-8:15pm MST (8:15-10:15 pm EST, 6:45am-8:45am Indian time – I’d list GMT but this is not likely to be a convenient time for our European readers!) The classes are introductory, not intended for specialists, but they come at a very modest price (U$15-50 per session sliding scale) for anyone who might be interested in the field and doesn’t know where to begin. Click for details.

About Amod Lele

Amod Lele is Lecturer in Philosophy, Educational Technologist in Information Services & Technology, and Visiting Researcher in the Study of Asia at Boston University. He administers the technical side of the Indian Philosophy Blog, as well as running his own cross-cultural philosophy blog, Love of All Wisdom. He holds a PhD with a South Asia focus from the Committee on the Study of Religion at Harvard University. You can find out more about him than you ever wanted to know at his ePortfolio.

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