Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Annual Conference (June 2-5, 2016)

Malcolm Keating recently posted here on the blog about the East-West Philosophers’ Conference, which concluded yesterday.  For those remaining in Honolulu, or just arriving, there is another conference starting tomorrow: the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Annual Conference.  The theme of the conference is “Imagination.”

Here are many of the papers on Indian philosophy to be presented, which include a few blog contributors:

Szymon Bogacz, Jagiellonian University: “MMK’s Dedicatory Verse and Pratītyasamutpāda in Early Mahayana Sutras”

Panel: Language and Epistemology in Indian Philosophy

Ian Nicolay, University of Hawaii at Manoa: “Nyāya and Wittgenstein on Combinatorial Imagination”

Amit Chaturvedi, University of Hawaii at Manoa: “Imagination and the Making of Conscious Perceptual Experience: A Revised Nyāya – Kant Account”

Jeremy Henkel [Chair], Wofford College: “A Telling Debate :Nyāya and Buddhism on the Epistemology of Testimony”

Yoichi Iwasaki, University of Hawaii at Manoa: “Poetic Meaning, Imagination, and the Limits of Logical Semantics”

Panel: Indian Philosophy and Virtue Ethics

Jonathan Miller, Pasadena College: “Is Theravāda Ethics Egoistic?

Roopen Majithia, Mount Allison University: “Re-Imagining Arjuna’s Transformation with Aristotle’s Help: The Bhagavad Gītā and and Nicomachean Ethics on Karma and Habit”

Stephen E. Harris, Leiden University: “Buddhist Virtue and Moral Demandingness”

Jill Peters, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: “From Stress Reduction to Stress Mastery”

Keynote Speaker: Lawrence McCrea, Cornell University: “Other People’s Philosophy: Imagination and Identity”

Oscar Figueroa, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México: “Imaginative Realization in the Vijñānabhairava-Tantra

Sthaneshwar Timalsina, San Diego State University: “Gauḍapāda on Imagination and Experience”

Panel: The Promise and Perils of Imagination

Douglas L. Berger, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, “What And How Do We Sense? The Role Of Imagination In Perception In Buddhist And Nyāya Thought”

Ethan Mills, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga: “Prapañca and Vikalpa and Māyā, Oh My!:  The Dangers of Imagination in Nāgārjuna, Dignāga, and Gauḍapāda”  (See the abstract for this talk on my personal blog).

Geoff Ashton, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: “From the Perils of Imagination to the Promise of Paying Attention: Śraddhā and the Yoga of Imagination: A Proto-Sāṃkhya Reply to the Buddhists” 

Josh Stoll, University of Hawaii at Manoa: “Imagination as Responsive Action in Enactivism and Kashmir Saivism”

Amjol Shrestha, School of Arts Institute of Chicago: “The Role of Imagination (kalpanā) in Tarka and Arthapātti

Matthew LoPresti, Hawaii Pacific University: “Anonymous Hindus: Pluralist and Absolutist Renderings of the Religious Other in the Bhagavadgītā”

Dimitry Shevchenko, University of New Mexico: “Scriptural Injunctivism: the Mīmāmsā Philosophy and Yeshaayahu Leibowitz”

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